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Finance Options

Swim Spa Finance with

Make your dream hot tub or swim spa a reality with flexible financing options. We believe everyone can enjoy the benefits of relaxation and wellness, without breaking the bank. That’s why we have partnered with Novuna, one of the worlds largest consumer credit providers, to bring you our fantastic 0% finance option. Finance applications are subject to status, minimum deposit required, terms and conditions apply. With Novuna, you are protected under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and have certain rights in the unlikely event that a problem should occur and you’re not satisfied. See our Policy Page for more info.

Swim Spa Finance Choices


Buy Now
Pay Later
Available on All Swim Spas

Pay Nothing 9 Months No Interest, then Pay Full Balance**

Or Carry Over 9 Months to 120 Payments at 19.9% APR Representative

**Admin Fee of £29


11.9% APR
Available on All Swim Spas

36, 48, 60, or 120 Monthly Repayments at 11.9% APR Representative

Swim Spa Finance Choices


Our Cheapest
Swim Spa


11.9% APR Representative

£361.05 per month*

*Cash price: £21,495

Deposit: £5,000

Amount of Credit: £16,495

Interest Rate % (Fixed p.a.): 11.9%

Representative % APR: 11.9%

60 Monthly Payments Of: £361.05

Total Amount Payable: £26,663


Our Most
Swim Spa

14AX Trainer

BNPL Representative

£349.23 per month*

*Cash price: £33,995

50% Deposit: £16,997.50
Amount of Credit: £16,997.50
Interest Rate % (Fixed p.a.): 19.9%
Representative % APR: 19.9%
9 months deferral period


120 Monthly Payments Of: £349.23
Total Amount Payable: £58,905.10

Settlement fee: £29


Our Favourite
Swim Spa

19EX Trainer

11.9% APR Representative

£875.43 per month*

Cash price: £44,995

Deposit: £5,000

Amount of Credit: £39,995

Interest Rate % (Fixed p.a.): 11.9

Representative % APR: 11.9

60 Monthly Payments Of: 875.43

Total Amount Payable: £57,525.80

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spa Finance

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What is Buy Now Pay Later?
Need just a little more time to get your finances together? Rather keep the money in your own bank a while longer? Then our Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option from Novuna could be for you. BNPL allows you to defer the outstanding balance for up to 9 months, from the installation date of your hot tub or swim spa. This is a good option if you are certain that you can pay off the outstanding balance within the set term.
How Does Buy Now Pay Later Work?
With the BNPL finance option, you pay a minimum deposit amount of £200, then the outstanding balance is deferred for 9 months from the installation date of your product.
What If I'm Denied a Loan?
Waiting for your credit score to improve naturally is an option, but remember that frequent loan applications can hinder your credit progress. Each application creates a "hard inquiry" on your credit report, visible to lenders and potentially lowers your score. Explore other products or wait strategically to avoid unnecessary inquiries and optimise your chances of securing future credit.
How Long Does Financing Take?
Typically applying for one of our finance options takes 10 minutes, using our unique soft search. This soft search will not leave a footprint on your credit history. At the end of the application process, you will be given a decision as to the outcome of your loan. If you are successful in your application you will receive a link via email from Novuna to e-sign the relevant documents.
Are There Fees or Interest for Buy Now Pay Later?
The BNPL option carries an admin fee, otherwise known as an ‘exit’ fee, of £29. This is applied by Novuna and added to the outstanding balance. As long as you pay off the outstanding balance in full within 9 months from your installation date there will be no interest to pay. However, if you allow the term to lapse without paying off the balance then the interest that would have been accrued during the 9 month deferral period will be applied to the loan amount at the rate of 19.9% APR. The remainder of the balance will then default to a loan with an interest rate calculated at 19.9% APR representative over a term of 120 months. You can make overpayments whenever you like and clear the balance before the end of the deferment period without incurring any additional costs.
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