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Find the Perfect Swim Spa

Train, Recover, and Play.

Dive into endless possibilities! Our three unique swim spa collections cater to every aquatic desire. Want to train like a champion? Power through high-speed endurance swims. Craving a low-impact workout? Enjoy invigorating aqua-aerobics. Prefer a peaceful dip or splashy family fun? We have the perfect swim spa for you. Discover your perfect blend of fitness, relaxation, and endless aquatic adventures with a Hydropool Swim Spa.

Dive into Discovery: Swim Spa Blind Date!

Ready to take the plunge into a backyard oasis but overwhelmed by options? Ditch the specs and brochures and choose your perfect swim spa with intuition!

Choose the sentiment you most agree with:

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I am a fitness fanatic!

This is me!

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I train like a beast and recover like royalty!

This is me!

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I seek relaxation & mindful moments!

This is me!

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I take party hosting verty very seriously.

This is me!

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I cherish family fun

& bonding time!

This is me!

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I have a family full of diverse swimmers. 

This is me!

Executive Collection Models

The Executive Range does not raise the bar, it is the bar. Available in Sport and Trainer configurations, to tailor the swim to your abilities. Streamlined swim areas, for the smoothest swim on the market. For the advanced or competitive swimmer.

Aquatic Collection Models

An ideal aquatic gym for the everyday athlete, with Slipstream Jet Technology, ideal for those wanting to keep in shape through a variety of workouts. Available in Sport & Trainer configurations, for intermediate or advanced swimmer.

Play Collection Model

Small in Size, but Full of Fun. The perfect family fun pool- swim, splash, play, and exercise.

A great all-rounder, in a more compact configuration.

Learn More About the Swim Spa Technology

Self Cleaning System

Swim, don't waste time cleaning! Hydropool's Self-Cleaning System handles maintenance with a side skimmer, floor vac, high-presure filter, and auto chemical-feeder. Relax and enjoy!

V-Twin Swim Jets

Hydropool have perfected the high flow, low turbulence current. This smooth constant flow of water allows the swimmer to train longer and harder than ever before. These jets result in the closest simulation to swimming in a still body of water on the market.

AquaPro & FORM Goggles

The AquaPro Control and FORM Goggles are swim training aids beyond compare. Adjustable swim speeds and real-time heads up display of progress allow you to adjust your training on the fly, to suit your needs.

Not Quite What You're Looking For?

Check out our range of Hot Tubs, 
which feature advanced hydrotherapy, 
unmatched comfort, and unparalleled design. 

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