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Book Your Complimentary
Swim Test Now!

Our dedicated Swim Spa Test Centre gives you the time and privacy to try out each Hydropool collection of Swim Spas. One of our dedicated team will walk you through the differences in each model, and help you find the Swim Spa to suit your needs, whether it be for intense training, a little exercise here and there, or a place for the whole family to have fun.

You will then be shown to our dedicated changing room then it's time to test! All you need to bring is your swimming costume and a towel. Our member of staff can stay with you to run through some swim spa features, or leave you in privacy to enjoy the water.

A standard swim test usually takes between 1 to 2 hours. Even if you aren't taking a dip, you'll leave with a better understanding of why Hydropool are setting the industry standard for swim spas.

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