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Hydropool North West


Hydropool North West is a family run Hot Tub and Swim Spa specialist, and has been working with Hydropool Sellf Cleaning Swim Spas for the past decade - with our knowledge and all new Test-Ready Swim Spa Centre, 
we can help you every step of the way with your Swim Spa journey.

The Hydropool Swim Spa Centre features three top of the range Hydropool Swim Spas:

19EX Executive Trainer, 17AX Aqua Trainer, 14FX Aqua Sport

You'll have the chance to try the full range, from intense swim training to family fun, to find the right spa for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

Can I still enjoy a Swim Spa If I'm Not a Strong Swimmer?
 Of course! Whether you're teaching your children to swim or training for a triathlon, our collection has something for all swimming abilities. For instance, the AquaPlay is the best Family Fun Pool, combining a smaller swim tank area with nine hydrotherapy seats. Whilst, for people looking to increase fitness levels the Trainer and Executive models have a more powerful swim current and a wealth of inbuilt training features.
Does it Feel Natural?
Think about running on a treadmill. It's not like walking in place, and not like walking outside. The same can be said for swimming and a swim spa. Our swim spas are first for fitness, and they provide a solid current to swim against. It's great for sustaining a long swim, and really can get your heart rate pumping if you choose to go faster! You can also swim at lower speeds to work on stamina and they are great for aquafitness.
Will My Hands or Feet Hit the Sides while I'm Swimming?
Hydropool swim spas have some of the widest and longest swim tank areas in the industry. See our buyers guide for comparison images. Avoid swim spas with bench type seating along the length of the swim spa which narrow the swim lane, YOU WILL hit your feet, especially if you swim breaststroke! If you are over 5’5” you need a longer swim tank so your feet don’t hit the back. All our Self Cleaning swim spas have a buoyancy jet to elevate you in the water so that your feet don’t hit the floor. Your hands shouldn't hit the sides as our swim tanks are unobstructed and have a generous swim area. 
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