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Dual Temperature Self-Cleaning
Swim Spa & Hot Tub Combo

Let this 19ft long, dual-temperature swim spa with hot tub provide your family with at-home access to swimming, fitness, relaxation, and increased quality time. The 19DTAX Model features two sections with independent temperature controls. You’ll love the Cross Training Swim Spa System which allows you to work out in the convenience of your own home. Stay active at a comfortable 25-32 degrees in the swim spa portion and then wind at up to a toasty 38 degrees in the hot tub section with hydromassage jets designed to hit every part of your body. The hot tub contains the thigh abductor jets for a lower body massage, and includes a full lounger and two full body massage hydrotherapy seats. Train then recover all-in-one space, the 19DTAX is a great training centre for the individual athlete who still wants to have fun with their family.

Trainer Model


Sport Model


Choose the Trainer Model (Swim Spa Portion)

for the our V-Twin Swim Jets which generate over 1,400 gallons per minute total, moving the highest volume of water on the market. Two pumps power the two jets. Speed: 0-11kph, Adjust Level via Control Panel. For a more discerning, possibly professional swimmer. 

Choose the Sport Model (Swim Spa Portion)

for 2 Accuflo Swim Jets that produce a laminar flow similar to how a treadmill works but with water. One pump powers both jets. Flow speed is adjusted via the jets themselves by turning them. Best for general swim enthusiasts, but very good for beginners. 

Both Trainer and Sports Model Specs:

Shell Dimensions: 574 x 236.22 | Height: 134

Volume: Hot Tub 1,192L | Swim Spa 6,670L

Weight Full: 9,672kg


Pure White

Silver Marble


Alpine Mist



Swim Spa Acrylic Colours and Cabinet Styles 2023


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Hydropool Swim Spas are Well Insulated and Energy Efficient
Swim spa for health and wellness
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