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Executive Trainer Professional
Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

Our Self Cleaning Executive Trainer gives you a more comfortable swim spa environment for swimming and total-body fitness. Our patented V-Twin Jet and Current Collector Swim Current come standard, so you’ll enjoy the best swim spa on the market.  Smooth for in-place swimming, the spacious current also provides core resistance for more effective aquatic exercises. You’ll always be ready for what’s new and challenging in aquatic fitness, with out stand out programs included in any purchase.


To swim, the current easily adjusts for every level, from toddlers to triathletes. Just adjust the VFX touch control to swim in place easily. For aquatic exercise, let the swim current add resistance and build core engagement. The built-in Underwater Treadmill of the Swim Current allows you to walk, jog or run in water’s low-impact environment. With none of the pounding of dry-land activity, you’ll burn just as many calories, plus benefit from 360-degree resistance! The durable, steel-framed cabinet has sleek, modern styling; combined with the patented self-cleaning technology, it is a swim spa that’s virtually maintenance-free.

The Executive Trainer hydromassage seats let you relax after a tough workout. Or power up the jets for an invigorating morning wake-up! Each ergonomically designed seat has a unique configuration of jets – choose the right one to target your sweet spot or rotate among them for total-body relaxation.

We suggest adults over 5'5" go with the 19EX Model, a nineteen foot swim spa, giving you the length you need to excel in our constant current. The 16EX Model is shorter at sixteen feet, but has all the same internals, it may just fit your budget, height, and garden space better!

19EX Model


19' Model Specs:

Shell Dimensions: 559 x 236.22

Height: 134

Volume: 9,038L

Weight Full: 10,412kg

16EX Model


16' Model Specs:

Shell Dimensions: 472.44 x 236.22

Height: 134

Volume: 7,638L

Weight Full: 8,800kg


Pure White

Silver Marble


Alpine Mist



Swim Spa Acrylic Colours and Cabinet Styles 2023


New Swim Spa Cabinet Style and Colours for 2024

Hydropool Swim Spas are Well Insulated and Energy Efficient
Swim spa for health and wellness
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