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Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

Considering a swim spa but overwhelmed by all the info? Dive into our comprehensive Swim Spa Frequently Asked Questions! Get all the answers to everything from "Does Hydropool have the most powerful jets on the market?" to "Does swimming in a Swim Spa feel natural?". Find the perfect size, explore year-round use, and discover the fitness and relaxation benefits a swim spa can bring.

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Basic Information About Hydropool Swim Spas

What is a Resistance Swimming Pool?
The home resistance swimming pool is the perfect solution if you want to swim laps but don't have the space for a traditional pool. These compact pools are equipped with a powerful swim current, allowing you to swim against challenging resistance and achieve a great workout, even in a limited area. It's like having your own personal river, always flowing at the perfect speed for you!
Does Hydropool have the most powerful jets on the market?
Our patented V-Twin swim jets are engineered to produce over 1,400 gallons per minute. They provide a 42” wide swim current which is smoother, and deeper than any other Swim Spa on the market. The V-Twin jets give a turbulence-free swim, unlike other market spas that have round or oval Swim Spa jets which produce a which can feel like swimming against a fire hose. But don't just take our word for it, book a swim test with us and see for yourself!
What is an Endless Pool?
An endless pool is another name for a Swim Spa. The adjustable current creates a personalised challenge. Unlike traditional pools, you can swim for extended distances without turning around. This lets you focus on your workout and rack up the distance, all within the compact space of the Swim Spa.
Can you use an Endless Pool in winter?
Swim Spas or Endless pools, also known as resistance pools are designed to be used in any weather. While this may depend on the brand of pool that you choose, our Swim Spas at Hydropool North West can be used all year round, and have great energy efficiency. 
Can I use a Hot Tub if my skin is sensitive to chemicals?

Hydropool hot tubs and Swim Spas need significantly less sanitiser than a public pool, creating a gentler experience for sensitive skin. We even offer bromine as an alternative for those with chlorine sensitivity. 

Experience the difference yourself! Visit our showroom for a complimentary swim test and see how our Swim Spas feel on your skin. Your comfort is our priority.

Why do I have to make an appointment to see the Swim Spas?
To give our customers the best possible service, our dedicated family team operates the Hydropool North West Swim Spa centre by appointment only. By making an appointment, you get to visually tour our three water-filled Swim Spas or take a dip in them. Swimming in one of our swim spa models is the best way to experience the Hydropool difference. This free Swim Spa test is unique to our Hydropool location! Our expert staff are otherwise available at our show site in Notcutts Garden Centre Ashton under Lyne Manchester, Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm.
How do you control jet speed?
On the Trainer Swim Spa Models, the current control is automated via the VFX or AX Swim Control, so you can pre-programme your swim time and speed before you even get in the water. Both Controls have various modes like Hill Climb and Interval training. The Aquaplay & Sports Models speeds are manually changed from inside the spa by adjusting two jets inside the swim area.
...But the competition spa has 100 therapy jets?
In this case, less really is more. Imagine two buckets filled with water. In one bucket you poke 2 holes, in the other, you poke 20. The bucket with 2 holes would have water streaming out at consistent pressure, with quite a bit of force. The bucket with 20 holes would have the same amount of water spread across 10 times as many holes, and would just dribble out in comparison to the first bucket. The same goes for Swim Spas. If all of the pressure from a powerful pump is spread across 100+ jets PLUS a swim jet, the average power of each jet is weak. 30 well placed, powerful jets are going to give you a much better massage than 100 (randomly placed) weak jets. Our Swim Spas have dedicated swim jet pumps which can be routed to power the seat jets if you are being joined by others while you swim.
Do I have to be worried about keeping a Swim Spa clean?
Our Executive and Aquatic Collections utilise self-cleaning technology! The Self-Cleaning Swim Spa system cleans 100% of the water in only 40 minutes. You really only have to worry about maintaining proper chemical balances! With a Swim Spa service package, you can leave the extra cleaning to us. Our AquaPlay Swim Spa isn't Self-Clean but still has optional Ozone and PureWater Cleaning Systems.
...But the competitor spa is really deep, why is your Swim Spa 134cm deep?
In our opinion Swim Spa depth has to be very carefully studied. 150+ cm deep Swim Spas are intimidating for kids, beginner swimmers, and shorter adults who want to run against the current, work out, or sit for hydrotherapy. Save on energy, chemical spending, and hassle with an optimised volume of water!
Are Swim Spas energy efficient?

Well, ours are! Hydropool Swim Spas are rated in the top four most energy-efficient Swim Spas in the world by the California Energy Commission. Our insulation, covers, and pump design all contribute to our energy utilisation. You can find out more in our Swim Spa Buyer's Guide!

Are there any Hot Tub benefits that come along with a Swim Spa?
Definitely! Our Swim Spas can also be kept heated up to 40C, and each Swim Spa can seat at least 2 People. With 29-36 hydrotherapy jets depending on the model, it really is the best of both worlds! 
All around aquatic gym? What else can you do besides swimming?
At lower speeds, you can run in place. Sport Swim Spas and Trainer Swim Spas have Interval and Hill Climb options. You can do resistance training, weight training, and water aerobics with some added accessories. Yoga can be practised in a Swim Spa as well. It's great for maternity workouts. We have a range of programs available from our fitness partner Jodie Becker which can be seen in our Brochure and on our YouTube channel.
Will my hands or feet hit the sides while I'm swimming in a Swim Spa?
Hydropool Swim Spas have some of the widest and longest swim tank areas in the industry. See our buyer's guide for comparison images. Avoid Swim Spas with bench-type seating along the length of the Swim Spa which narrows the swim lane, YOU WILL hit your feet, especially if you swim breaststroke! If you are over 5’5” you need a longer swim tank so your feet don’t hit the back. All of our Self-Cleaning Swim Spas have a buoyancy jet to elevate you in the water so that your feet don’t hit the floor. Your hands shouldn't hit the sides as our swim tanks are unobstructed and have a generous swim area. 
Does swimming in a Swim Spa feel natural?
​Think about running on a treadmill. It's not like walking in place, and not like walking outside. The same can be said for swimming in a Swim Spa. Our Swim Spas are first for fitness, and they provide a solid current to swim against. It's great for sustaining a long swim, and really can get your heart rate pumping if you choose to go faster! You can also swim at lower speeds to work on stamina. Compared to turbulence in MANY other Swim Spas on the market, Hydropool Swim Spa are turbulence-free - as close as you can get to swimming in a natural body of water. It feels akin to swimming against the current of a river at lower speeds. 
Can I still enjoy a Swim Spa if I'm not a strong swimmer?
Of course! Whether you're teaching your children to swim or training for a triathlon, our collection has something for all swimming abilities. For instance, the AquaPlay is the best swim spa for family fun, combining a smaller swim tank area with nine hydrotherapy jet seats. Whilst, for people looking to increase fitness levels the Trainer and Executive models have a more powerful swim current and a wealth of inbuilt training features.

Information About Installing or Troubleshooting Hydropool Swim Spas

What are the Swim Spa power requirements and who is responsible for providing power from the house?
The Hydropool Swim Spa power requirement is 40 Amps. This must be fitted by a qualified electrician prior to installation of your Swim Spa. If you do not have an electrician, we can recommend one to you. 
How Do I fix the Error on My Swim Spa Control Panel?
Check out our range of Troubleshooting Blog Posts!
How Do I fix Cloudy or Green Water in my Swim Spa?
Check out our range of Maintenence Blog Posts!
How to tell if my Swim Spa is leaking?

Suspect a leak in your swim spa? There’s a simple two part test to confirm a swim spa leak.


Step One: The Running Test - Fill your swim spa to the maximum level and run it for 24 hours with the cover on.  After 24 hours, turn it off and measure any water level drop. Significant water loss indicates a potential leak.


Step Two: Standing Test - Refill the swim spa and turn it completely off for another 24 hours with the cover on.  Again, measure the water level after this period. Water loss while the spa is off suggests a leak separate from the circulation system.

If you detect water loss in either test, consider contacting a professional for a swim spa leak repair. They can pinpoint the source and fix your swim spa leak.​

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