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Aquatic Sport Exercise
Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

The Aquatic Sport Self-Cleaning Swim Spa, delivers all the fitness and fun of a traditional pool, but acts as a Cross-Training Exercise System! The AquaSport features an ergonomic swim tank design along with numerous engineering innovations that include four HydroTherapy Seats, each with Zone Therapy and Full Immersion Lounger. The swim has gone to new depths with a 53-inch deep swim tank and two AccuFlo Wide Stream Swim Jets and one AquaStream Buoyancy jet, all backed up by our new Dual Performance Flow Intakes that dramatically reduce the reflective vortex effect - a big issue on other brand's endless pools. 


The swim tank features a soft stride mat on the floor to aide in all your aquatic fitness goals. The AquaSport allows for endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels. This Self Cleaning Exercise Swimming Pool is insulated to operate 365 days a year in any climate. The AquaSport has 4 hydrotherapy seats for your friends and family to join you as you work out.


We suggest adults over 5'5" go with the 17AX Model, a seventeen foot swim spa, giving you the length you need to excel in our constant current. The 14AX Model is shorter at fourteen feet, but has all the same internals, it may just fit your budget, height, and garden space better!

17' Model

14' Model


17' Model Specs:
Shell Dimensions: 533.4 x 236.22
Height: 134
Volume: 9,120L
Weight Full: 10,431kg

14' Model Specs:
Shell Dimensions: 441.96 x 236.22
Height: 134
Volume: 7,220L
Weight Full: 8,369kg


Pure White

Silver Marble


Alpine Mist



Swim Spa Acrylic Colours and Cabinet Styles 2023


New Swim Spa Cabinet Style and Colours for 2024

Hydropool Swim Spas are Well Insulated and Energy Efficient
Swim spa for health and wellness
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